Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Received my CSP Credentials !!!

Whats the Process:

1. Become a CSM.
2. Start to use Scrum Adoptions in team(s).
3. Be a person who has gained knowledge on Scrum Adoptions.
4. As a CSM you will be definetely undergoing various agile ways to - Deliver Software, Dealing with   Teams and also with Business stake holders.
The Scrum Master in todays scenarions need to have a 360 degree vision on whats around him - Business , teams, Engg practices,latest techs, etc.,
5. I had opportunities to work with Different Agile Teams in the last few years from 2007 onwards.
6. There is no one common pattern, but all different learning from each team as well as from the stake holders also.
7. Once u think u have gained good knowledge on Agile - SCRUM , start to next levels - CSP.
Racap all the best Agile Practices you have implemented in your various Agile Adoptions.
8. You can down load the form from ScrumAlliance - under the coaching menu.
9. Complete the form - be as much as True in filling up the form as Agile States - Openess and Courage.
10.It will be take 2 months or so to get back your results.
If you are reading my blog and if u wanted to knwo on applying for CSP , you can contact me.

All the Best !


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