Monday, July 26, 2010

Tasks That will be present in Sprint 0

Most of the Agile Teams Start off / Kick off the project with the Sprint 0.

This is the Sprint from my experience where most of the below important aspects of the project are getting shaped up or getting started off..

  • Team Formation- The basic team will be already formed , but this phase the critial skill needs will be addressed.
  • Architecture of the Project- The base architecture will be laid down and there will be a continuous improvements in the base architecture.
  • Development tools identified.
  • Stake holders education on the Agile process getting trigerred.
  • Hardware,Software procurements.- For Advance server requests, etc.,
  • Iteration Plannings,Release level Plannings.
  • Team seating arrangement decisions.[however may change as quiet as possible!]
  • Build systems. Continouous Integration Topology , Big Cruise Setups, build notifications designs.
  • Systems for Test builds laydown - getting designed.
  • Test Frameworks decisions. - How much should be the Test coverage.
  • Discussions on Agile Engineering Practices to be implemented.
  • Client \ Stake holder demo tools, etc.,

Sprint 0


As a Certified Scrum Master and an Agile Practising member...It was long since desire to have a Agile Blog of my own!

There were lot many a times, where i thought there needs to be place to share my thoughts on Agile Practices, project Adavantages , Client satisfaction, Team empowerment , and so ....

During this part of my life i was having the luxury on the freedom of my time...

So started with the usuall SPRINT 0 of starting my bloggin!

All the views expressed are my own , gained and read from various knowledge sources...

vist again for more Agilistic Thoughts!