Sunday, February 08, 2009

Errors During VS2005 Installations & Uninstallations

Recently came across this task of Uninstalling and Installing VS2005. few of the errs took somne time for me to investigate.
All the errs are documented here which will save time for someone who reads this..

Errors occuring with VS2005 Uninstallations and Installations:

Recently i went through lots errors with VS2005 uninstall and trying to install again.

The need for me to uninstall Vs205 was to move the install location from C drive to D Drive. to get more additional space in C Drive..:)
The uninstall was very smooth.
After that when i was in the install process i got the below scenarios:

1. VS2005 install package gets the list of items to be installed.

2. Completes Dotnet 2.0 install and when VS2005 part is in middle , start to get an error.

3. But even with an error in the vs2005 install part , the install pgm continues for the next item to get installed.

4. once i get a Installation Completed Successfully message , i tried to Open VS2005 IDE , it vanishes.

5. So i uninstalled once again , install again with an err and tried to open My ide, but this time it was asking for the Default

So my uninstall and install of VS2005 went for 10 times or so.
Digged more in to this problem.
when looking in to the Event Viewers the msgs were like:
1. .NET Runtime version 2.0.50727.42 - Fatal Execution Engine Error (7C81EB33) (800703e9)

So Googled more in this problem also after a uninstall of VS2005 i manually deleted all the files of VS2005 in my C drive and also in my D drive.
here is a Point : VS2005 stores its IDE settings in a *.VSSettings file. This will be located in

C:\Documents and Settings\$Your Logged in Prfoile Name $\My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Settings

I also removed this file also in my machine.

This is the file which is used by VS2005 IDE to open up with the existing settings.
I also ran this command in my machine: devenv\reset cmd.
So after all my manual deletions of VS2005 related i installed once again. This time it asked for the default language to be selected.
and now there was a New direction to my Problem.

Previously in my machine i had all the workflow foundations loaded, and the previous VS2005 was loading with this. also i had Ajax in my machine.
So my current IDE was trying to load Workflow foundations, and Ajax.
The below errs occured:

Package Load Failure
Package 'Microsoft.workflow.VsDesigner.DesignPackage,Microsoft.workflow.VsDesigner,Versopm =,Culture=neutral,....Had failed to load Properly.

Please contact Package vendor for assistance.application restart is recommended , due to

Possible environment corruption.Would you like to disable loading this package i future?

You may use 'devenv'resetskippkgs' to re-enable package lodaing.
Package Load Failure:

Pcakage 'Microsoft.web.AjaxExtension.....has failed to load properly. Please contact package vendor for assistance.

Application restart is recommended , due to possible environment corruption. Would

Would you like to disable loading this package i future?

You may use 'devenv'resetskippkgs' to re-enable package lodaing.

After uninstalling all the workflow foundation related items and Ajax components my VS2005 successfully opened.


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