Sunday, March 01, 2009

WCF - Error in Accessing a IIS hosted svc

hi ,

WCF hosting -- First err...

I started with my WCF Project and the first err got was that when *.svc was asccessed in webpage the err was like:
"A Name was Started with Invalid character..<'%' "..

Tips to trouble shoot this err:

1. Check if u Have .svc extensions in IIS.check if this points to the aspnet_isapi.dll.

if not brwose for the location of aspnet_isapi.dll.

2. Still if u get the errr check if u have already ran servicemodelreg.exe which can be found under c:\
\microsoft .Net\framework\version\v3.0\wcf\. run this exe in the command prompt with the -i option.

3. restart the IIS once.

4. browse your WCF -- *.SVC location now , ur svc will now be available.