Monday, November 15, 2010


Hello !
In the last 2 weeks had discussions with 2 Different Clients for Agile Implementations for COTS.

1. One was for large Scale of SAP Implementations.
2. One was for large Scale of Oracle Implementations.
There was a lot of misconceptions Agile will work well in COTS Implementations.
Most common points were :
1. SAP, ORACLE are highly desigend and process oriented Implementations which cannot be done in smaller Sprint - Agile Iterations.
2. Agile will not work for projects which needs to be configured for long durations of 8 months or so.
4. We have multiple teams across the globe and we will not be able to do a distributed way of Software delivery with the Agile Model.
5. we cannot do a complete big, huge ERP Implementation without the design frozed and taken like a Water Fall Model.
Had a detailed presentation on how Agile works in Various SW Implementations - Dotnet, Java,etc , ran thorugh the ROI being very much transparent and without no uncertainities.
After a clear detailed discussion on how to we go about with Agile in COTS, both the customers were satisfied, their Mindset change happened.

Both the customers have now shown Green for Agile Adoptions.

Will soon post on the Various points on how the Adoption Moves on!

First win with COTS Customers!!!


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Daman said...

could you please share your adoption experience and how the above common points were addressed?