Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Scrum Master 360 Degree View

Today in the Current Business Situations the Scrum should not only restrict only to the Agile Adoption in a Team, and continue with the deliveries related.....BUT ALSO.....should be :

1. Have good People Skills to deal with different situations - handling as a servant leader!
2. Dealing with the Business stake holders - providing enough info on how to Progress on the various schedules.
3. keep in pace with latest techs.
4. having an over all good understanding on the Companies - Enterprise view of Projects\Business on a Holistic View.
5. be a go to person.
6. Helping the teams to Adopt , practice the best Engineerting Practices - TDD, CI, Automated Builds, Estimation Techniques, etc.,
7. Helping the end users as well.

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