Friday, April 03, 2009

devenv.exe/installvstemplates - Missing the templates?

Today i came across a rare situation where i was installing/ uninstalling few visual studio pluggins, i was not able to see any of the Visual studio project templates.

When you are trying to create a new project and When u do not see the VS2008 templates getting loaded ,just perform the below actions:

1. Event log: check in the events log under the Application section if u see any errors.Check if there are erros and says to run devenv.exe/installvstemplates.

2. Now do not run the devenv.exe/installvstemplates.

3. Delete the itemcache folders under :Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE

4. now open the vs command prompt and run devenv.exe/installvstemplates.

5. at this point the different project templates should be appearing.

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Roel.Schreurs said...

Today, I had this problem, but it had a slightly different cause. Somehow, a folder ItemTemplatesCache(2) had been created, in which all of the subfolders also had a suffix (2). After I had deleted this folder, and restarted VS.Net 2008, all templates where available again.