Saturday, March 17, 2007


XAML, is the buzz word of WPF --windows presentatin foundation ...
XAML is gaining much speed in the applications user experience..

when user experience is considered to the top priority for any application, the presentation layer is the one which needs to be considered much.

XAML is Extensible application markup language by Microsoft..
using XAML rich UI based applications can be created.
As a Dotnet developer there can be segregation of the UI layers from the midlle warfe business logics layer...
XAML consists of the UI Garphics and the mark up language for the UI. Its all XML based...
As of now, there is a big gap in combination of documents , Audio , Video which can be presented in the UI, but with the Evolution of XAML, all the 3 can be linked which gets a great user experience...

[The thirst for XMAL will continue in the next posts....]

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